Montreal, a beautiful and vibrant city, where antique and modern collide in style

Montreal, Quebec, is known internationally for its richly integrated Old-World charm and modern luxury. Over 400 years of historic architecture, beautiful churches and public squares combine with the dynamic character of world-renowned museums, universities, sidewalk cafés, a vibrant fashion, music and cultural scene – all of which gives Montreal a “joie de vivre” unique in North America. The many visitors we welcome each year to Hotel St Paul attest to this.

If you’re looking for a true cultural experience then Montreal is the city for you. Hotel St Paul is conveniently located at the gateway to Old Montreal, a district that is testament to our city’s long history. Nowhere is the contrast of new and old more exciting: historical architecture, romantic streetscapes, traditional French-Canadian dining mixed with modern art and design, and the innovative cuisine of bold young chefs. Nearby in Downtown Montreal, you can’t walk 10 minutes without coming across one of the stunning churches that our city is known for, most of which are a stone’s throw from stylish shopping districts including St. Catherine Street.

If you’re in town to sample some of Montreal’s art and food scene, stop by one of our many art galleries including the Musée des Beaux-Arts, or visit the Place des Arts in the Quartier des spectacles and take in one of many live performances. No matter how large and metropolitan our city becomes, we never lose touch with our roots and that can certainly be seen in the many dining options available to visitors. Montreal is a multi-cultural city and, because of this, you have a plethora of dining options at your finger tips from ethnic delicacies to traditional French-Canadian cuisine.

In Town for Business? We have Options for Meetings in Montreal

If you’re in town for business, the district immediately surrounding Hotel St. Paul has everything you need. Our teeming city is home to some of the world’s most innovative new businesses and we have a thriving local business industry that our team at Hotel St. Paul is always happy to help our guests connect in to. In addition to our stylish, professional meeting rooms, there are many great restaurants and office spaces in downtown Montreal that are ideal for meetings in Montreal.

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For further details about attractions or events in Montreal, you can consult Visit Montreal website, Bonjour Québec or SDC Old Montreal.


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